Village Bells 2003 (Issues 150-154)

Issue 150 – February 2003

Masthead by Val Ewenson
Masthead by Val Ewenson

Topics include: Ash Wednesday 20th Anniversary; Ragwort; Council elections; New Postmistress Roslyn Morcamb

Issue 151 – April 2003

Artwork by Kim Pitcher
Artwork by Kim Pitcher

Topics include: Ash Wednesday Memorial Service; Council Elections; Katja Weimann wins equestrian award; Birds feeling the heat; Dragons at Wonthaggi HPV; Hay for East Gippsland

Issue 152 – June 2003

Artwork by Helen Smith
Artwork by Helen Smith

Topics include: Vale Jack Stephens; Fungi facts; Heidi Haywood: Postcard from China

Issue 153 – August 2003



Topics include: Antechinus; Vale Doris Clayton Goff; Rotunda History; Platypus Secrets; Celebration of service Ted Owen & Keith Ewenson; Woodheaters & Air Quality

Issue 154 – December 2003

Artwork by Val Ewenson
Artwork by Val Ewenson

Topics include: Pine Grove Hotel Renovation; Postcard from Europe: Alaina Rusiniak; ‘RECOM’ in the fires

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